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Split day trips

Experience one of the most popular and attractive Split day trips: ride with ATV quad through the amazing landscapes, roads, rivers and canyons of Dalmatia. Feel the freedom and thrill on stunning locations of this memorable day trips from Split, Croatia.
Enjoy the spectacular gastronomy, beautiful views and scenery on this adventure, in the pristine nature of Split hinterland.

Great family fun

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  • family-friendly day trips, suitable for both young and old – ATV Quad tour is suitable for all age groups

Our friendly and experienced guides will take great care of you! Our goal is for you to have plenty of fun and a great trip.

Delicious specialties

During the trips, you can also enjoy the amazing meal of traditional cuisine, in a beautiful setting by the river. Delicious Dalmatian lunch, with fresh fish and seasonal vegetables, will make these day trips even better.

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This is one of the best day trips Split Croatia has to offer. We are confident that you will long cherish memories of this unique adventure.

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We made the wish of those who want to experience more come true! Our experienced guides will help you discover trails, some of which even the locals would have trouble leading you through, and provide you with a more demanding terrain whilst at the same time taking care of your absolute safety. More than 50 kilometers in 3 and a half hours of driving up to 1000 meters above sea level on the highest mountain in the Croatian Dinars are more than fun enough even for the experienced drivers.

Enjoy in this unforgettable adventure and discover the beauty of the Dalmatian Zagora you cannot find in any tourist guides. At the end of all our exciting adventures we organize a lunch in a traditional local household where you can enjoy fresh home grown food and local specialties prepared just for you, with one drink included in the price.

Take advantage of our special offer

In the Mountain ATV Quad Tour package reserve the unique Cetina kayak tour for only 30 € per person! A day-long family outing in nature includes the ATV Quad tour, lunch, and a kayak tour approx 10 km long in the river Cetina at a special price.


One person/One quad – 120 EUR
Two persons/One quad – 160 EUR


Transfer & Lunch – 20 EUR/person
Cetina Kayak Tour – 30 EUR/person