Scooter Rental & Delivery

Do you want to feel Dalmatian’s way of driving on the most popular vehicle during the summer?

Renting a scooter is the ideal way to avoid traffic jams and to spice up your Split tour. It’s also economic, fun and fast, and leaves you without a worry about parking.

We offer delivery service wherever you desire in the vicinity of Split and we also offer general driving instructions.


Yamaha Neo’s 50 ccm
250kn/day (for 1-3 days)
200kn/day (for 4-7 days)

Yamaha NMax 125 ccm
350kn/day (for 1-3 days)
300kn/day (for 4-7 days)

Yamaha XMax 250 ccm
450kn/day (for 1-3 days)
400kn/day (for 4-7 days)